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Exclusive 4D3N Trip to Bali for 2 Pax
Grand Prize

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Register/Login to your TriumphFX Traders Room
Make a minimum deposit of 100 USD using Credit Card
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Get 1 Entry per 100 USD deposit
The more you deposit, the higher chance you stand to win

Stand a Chance to Win Amazing Prizes

You will get 1 Entry when you deposit 100 USD. The more you deposit, the higher chances you will be selected as one of the winners.

Samsung S10
Second Prize
Apple iPhone 11 Pro
First Prize
Huawei P30
Third Prize
TriumphFX Laptop Backpack
Consolation Prize

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Frequently Asked Questions


TriumphFX is running the “TriumphFX Credit Card Swipe and Win” (hereinafter referred to as the “Campaign”) and invites new, firstly deposited or Dormant Clients of TriumphFX to participate.

TriumphFX Credit Card Swipe and Win is a Lucky Draw Campaign for exclusive and premium prizes which clients can accumulate Entry Tickets for higher chances of being selected as winners in the prize pool.

By participating in this Campaign, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions herein (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) as these are set out below.


1.1 In this Campaign:
“Account” shall mean a Client’s trading account with TriumphFX into which the Client deposits within the Campaign Period a Deposit;
“Campaign Period” shall mean period which starts to run from the day the Benefit is credited to the Client’s Account for the Deposit that is made during the Campaign Period;
“Deposit” shall mean $100 USD for the minimum first deposit and/or additional 100 USD for all subsequent deposits deposited, required as a deposit in the Client’s TFXI Account in order to participate in the campaign promotion.
“Minimum Qualification” means Minimum deposit of $100USD in your MT4/Traders Room Account;
“Credit Card Payment Method” means deposit methods that are done via ​ CCAvenue/FS Technology​ options only;
“Entry Ticket” means ticket count entry for either Standard Entry or Premium Entry
“Standard Entry” means participation of (1) lucky draw entry in the Standard Category section by a minimum deposit of $100 USD via Credit Card Payment Method
“Operative Agreements” shall mean the agreements entered into by the Client and TriumphFX that govern all trading activity of the Client with TriumphFX. Operative Agreements consist of the Client Agreement, Policies and Terms of Business, as these may be found in the Account Opening Agreements section of the websites of TriumphFX and as these may be amended from time to time;
“Campaign Period” shall mean from the [​8th of October 2019 (00:01) to the 31st of December 2019 (23:59)​]
1.2 Any words whose meaning is not defined herein shall have the meaning provided in the Operative Agreements
1.3 Times stated above in “Campaign Period” and “Promotion Period” are following TFXI Server Time (GMT)


2.1. To participate in this Campaign, you must meet the following requirements:
a) You are a TFXI Trading Account Owner with Minimum Qualification or TFXI Introducing Broker with Investments with our Fund Management Programs with Minimum Qualification or TFXI Community Trading Competition/Provider/Follower with a Minimum Qualification
b) Deposit a minimum of $100 USD via Credit Card payment method for (1) Standard Entry, which can be accumulated with deposits more than $100 USD.
c) Accept the Terms of this Campaign;


3.1. Clients are allowed to accumulate Entry Tickets by several Deposits only limited to Credit Card Payment Methods within the Campaign Period.
3.2. The no. of Entry Tickets shall be listed in the Traders Room Toolbar to the Client’s TFXI Trading Account ​ within (24) working hours​, after the relevant Deposit has been made to the Account within the Campaign period and Client accepted this Terms and shall be available.
3.3. Entry Tickets shall be cancelled in case if Client withdraws money that was deposited within the Campaign Period. The Entry Ticket cannot be withdrawn or transferred during the Campaign Period. The Entry Ticket shall be removed if the terms and conditions of this Campaign are not met.
3.4. The Entry Ticket is available and will appear in your Traders Room after Deposit is done. If Client made several Deposits, amount of Entry Tickets shall be defined based on those deposits depending on their amounts.
(Eg. $100USD = 1 Standard Entry, $400USD = 4 Standard Entries, $1000USD = 10 Standard Entries)
3.5. The Entry Ticket is non-transferable between TFXI trading accounts and cannot be withdrawn/exchanged by the Client into any other form or rewards.


4.1. Winners of the Campaign will be ​announced (30 Days)​ after the last day of the Campaign Period. Winners will receive a notification via personal confirmation email and Support Ticket.
4.2. Prize winners of the Campaign can choose to convert their prizes into Cash (estimated value) which is equivalent to the prize won. The cash will be deposited into the client’s TFXI Trading Account after agreement and confirmation.
4.3 Prize winners are required to contact TriumphFX by sending a Support Ticket requesting for different color options within 7 Days from the date of announcement (if applicable). Request made after 7 Days will not be entertained.
4.4. Winners’ accounts will be investigated for any acts in bad faith and/or abusively and/or fraudulently and/or in a manner that is not in line with this Campaign and applicable Terms before being confirmed as the final winner of the lucky draw prize receiver.


5.1. In the event that any dispute and/or misrepresentation is made in relation to the above applicable Terms, such dispute and/or misrepresentation shall be resolved by TriumphFX, acting in good faith and as it shall, in its sole and absolute discretion, be deemed fit and proper. TriumphFX’s decision shall be final and binding.
5.2. TriumphFX has the right at any time and its absolute discretion to disqualify any Client who participates in the Campaign and/or withdraw with immediate notice the Entry Ticket and/or any profit gained if:
a) A breach of these Terms and/or any term of the Operative Agreements occurs;
b) TriumphFX has reasonable grounds to believe there is a valid misuse of this Campaign;
c) The Client acts in bad faith and/or abusively and/or fraudulently and/or in a manner that is not in line with this Campaign and applicable Terms.
5.3 The Entry Ticket is non-transferable between TFXI trading accounts and can be withdrawn by the Client.The Entry Ticket shall be removed if the terms and conditions of this Campaign are not met.
5.4. Any indication or suspicion of fraud, manipulation, cash-back or Entry Ticket or swap arbitrage, or other forms of deceitful or fraudulent activity in a Client’s account or multiple account with TriumphFX or otherwise related or connected to the Entry Ticket shall nullify any and all transactions executed and/or profits or losses garnered therein.
5.5 TriumphFX reserves the right, at its sole discretion and as it deems fit, to alter, amend, suspend,cancel or terminate the Campaign, or any aspect of the Campaign at any time and upon any reasonable cause. Under no circumstances shall TriumphFX be liable for any consequences of any alteration, amendment, suspension, cancelation or termination of this Campaign.