Mutual Commitment Fund

Bespoke Investment Plan Designed for Maximum Risk Mitigation

TriumphFXMutual Commitment Fund (MCF) is a Committed Investment Plan.
A Pioneer in the Industry that Aims to Provide the Best Risk Management Solution.


Investors' Capital is Secured and Guaranteed based on their
Commitment to their Invested Fund.

Forex Broker

TriumphFX is Dedicated to Provide Financial Loss Recovery Backup for Investors‘ and Fund Managers’ Investments.

Fund Managers

Fund Managers are Highly Committed in Providing Safe Trading Investments and Fund Attachments to Achieve Risk Mitigation.

So Why Mutual Commitment Fund?

Basic Fund Management

Negative Balance Protection

Basic Fund Management secure Investors through Stop-Loss order so that the investment will not go negative.

Carries Risk

Under extreme circumstances, Investors still bear the risk of losing the Capital through Fund Management.

Investment Not Insured

TriumphFX does not insure any trading outcome.

Low Investment Deposit

Fund Management requires a Low Investment Deposit of 100 USD.

Mutual Commitment Fund (MCF)

Capital Secured

Through a Mutual Commitment from all 3 parties, MCF allows Investors to preserve your Trading Capital.

High Risk Mitigation

MCF guarantees a 100% Secured Capital, thus providing Protection to your Trading Activities.

Investment Insured

With the Commitment from TriumphFX and Fund Managers in MCF, Investors' Capital is always insured and guaranteed.

Standard Investment Deposit

MCF requires a Standard Investment Deposit of 1,000 USD for ALL Investors to participate.

Guarantee your Trading Capital

Secure your Trading Capital with TriumphFX 's Mutual Commitment Fund (MCF)