Fund Management

Fund Management Program — An innovative solution by TriumphFX which provides easy access to the financial powerhouse – Forex market. This is the perfect program for investors who lack of in depth and advanced knowledge of the industry and want to diversify their financial portfolio.

With TriumphFX Fund Management Program, you can attach your fund to skillful strategic Fund Managers and enjoy the opportunities available in the most liquid market in the world.

Participate as fund manager

  1. Submit application for TriumphFX live trading account
  2. Get your application approved
  3. Submit new fund manager application form
  4. Negotiate until an agreement is reached
  5. Start promoting your fund

Disclaimer: All numerical values above are for illustration purposes only.

Live trading account application

Only TriumphFX clients are eligible to participate in the Fund Management program. If you are not one yet, submit a live trading account application now. To hasten the approval of your application, please make sure you have submitted necessary and valid documents for proof of identity and proof of residence. Once the live trading account application is approved, clients will receive a welcoming email which contains the credentials to login to their trading account and Traders Room account.

Open Live Account

Benefits of TriumphFX's Fund Management Program over others?

The attached fund is actually transferred from investor account to fund manager live trade execution account. In contrast with standard MAM program, our Fund Management Program will prevent investing clients from closing lossing but potential high profitable trades, in turn affecting your professional market judgement, because the trades are created from trader's live trade execution account, not a common copy-trade.

Profit Sharing On-Demand

Whenever your fund is profiting, you can request a profit sharing (terms and conditions apply) and we will facilitate the profit sharing to yours and your clients' accounts accordingly.

Support Simple to Complex Plan

Fit your needs to promote your fund, start from a simple plan, and turn it into a more complex plan when your fund grows.

Promote with Confidence

TriumphFX has spend many years on building clients trust and confidence. From smooth funding to promptly withdrawal records we have, all you need to do is promote your fund. Let us worry about management and building the trust.