Fund Management

Fund Management Program — An innovative solution by TriumphFX which provides easy access to the financial powerhouse – Forex market. This is the perfect program for investors who lack of in depth and advanced knowledge of the industry and want to diversify their financial portfolio.

With TriumphFX Fund Management Program, you can attach your fund to skillful strategic Fund Managers and enjoy the opportunities available in the most liquid market in the world.

Participate as investor

  1. Open a live trading account
  2. Get your application approved
  3. Fund your investment account
  4. Choose fund managers which suit your investment strategic
  5. Attach your fund to fund managers
  6. Monitor the fund managers fund growth and performance
  7. Get profit sharing when your fund managers profit

Disclaimer: All numerical values above are for illustration purposes only.

Live trading account application

Only TriumphFX clients are eligible to participate in the Fund Management program. If you are not one yet, submit a live trading account application now. To hasten the approval of your application, please make sure you have submitted necessary and valid documents for proof of identity and proof of residence. Once the live trading account application is approved, clients will receive a welcoming email which contains the credentials to login to their trading account and Traders Room account.

Open Live Account


Clients can fund their live trading account using multiple channels — from bank wire (telegraphic transfer) to online payment gateway including Union Pay. As we strive to provide easiest methods for clients to fund their account in shortest time possible, more funding methods will be made available along our company expansion.

Choose your Fund Manager

The clients can view the fund manager's growth and performance before making decision to attach. At will, fund managers also provide investors with investor password to login to see their trade histories and trading patterns. After deciding which fund managers suit clients' investment style, clients will need to sign the Limited Power of Attorney Agreement and appoint the fund manager.

Attach fund

After which fund manager is appointed, clients will be able to request to attach fund. The time window, terms and conditions of new fund attachment request may differ across different fund managers. After the approval of fund attachment requests, clients can sit back and watch the trading performance of the fund managers.

Profit Sharing

When a fund manager is making profit from his trades, so does the investors. Fund managers usually call for profit sharing once per 5 weeks or more. Clients who have attached fund to the fund managers will be entitled for profit sharing based on the total fund clients have attached.

No Advance Knowledge of Market Required

Trading successfully in the market involves spending greater amount of time to carry on extensive studies of the market and mastering related technical knowledge. Many people wish to invest into the market knowing that there are ample opportunities but they do not possess the necessary professional knowledge to make profit from the market. Our fund management program will save our clients a lot of hassle by letting the professional traders do the job. Fund managers are professional traders who trade professionally with fund trusted by clients to make profit in the market. Clients and fund managers obtain their stakes of earned profit at the end of each trading cycle which stated in the agreement between the client and fund manager.

Limited Power of Attorney

A power of attorney allows fund manager to act on behalf of our clients. When a principal signs and grants a power of attorney, he grants either general or limited authority to the fund manager. The limited power of attorney restricts the scope to the fund manager's activities. When signed, fund managers are granted the authority to trade in the market on behalf of the trustees. Our clients' fund are protected by limiting the authorities granted to fund managers, any form of withdrawal of the fund trusted are strictly prohibited and withdrawals of fund can be executed if and only if a trustee requested to withdraw his/her fund from the fund manager.

Vast Selection of Fund Managers Profile

All investments carry some degree of risk. If someone were to tell you there is an investment which provides 100% guaranteed profit then he/she certainly has no clue about investments. When you invest, you make choices about what to do with your financial assets. Risk is any uncertainty with respect to your investments that has the potential to negatively affect your financial welfare. In the context of investing, reward is the possibility of higher returns. The tradeoff is that with this higher return comes greater risk which means it could cause higher loss compared to lower risk investments. Our fund management progrem offers clients a vast selection of fund managers with different trading styles ranging from low to high risk invesments. Clients can therefore, compare and select the most suitable fund manager according to their investment preferences to entrust their fund.