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What are indices?

Indices track the price movement of a group of top stocks. Trading indices exposes you to a country’s economy span multiple sectors, with just a single order.

Your trades are in safe hands

A top-notch Equinix Data Center.

Our services are hosted in Equinix data centers. Equinix owns and safely operates more than 220 data centers around the world.

All trades run on advanced server hardware at every level. The servers are also upgraded annually to future-proof the growing demand.

Super fast interconnectivity, low latency and secure environment allow us to execute up to 2,000 trades per second, each takes less than 1 millisecond.

All your eggs in lots of baskets


As indices measure the stock performance of a group of companies, trading indices automatically diversify your funds into hundreds of companies.

Good risk management

Instead of putting all eggs in one basket, indices allow you to put all eggs in lots of baskets. This helps to cut your trading risks.

Single order to rule them all

Trading indices gives an exposure to an entire economy or multiple sectors at once, without having to open orders on lots of different stocks.

Trade more with less

With leverage as high as 1:500, indices market allows you to buy/sell a higher volume without putting in a hefty sum of capital.

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