Profit from precious metals and energies.

Why commodities?

Commodities like precious metals, oil and gas are famous among investors as means to diversify their portfolio especially during periods of market volatility.

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A top-notch Equinix Data Center.

Our services are hosted in Equinix data centers. Equinix owns and safely operates more than 220 data centers around the world.

All trades run on advanced server hardware at every level. The servers are also upgraded annually to future-proof the growing demand.

Super fast interconnectivity, low latency and secure environment allow us to execute up to 2,000 trades per second, each takes less than 1 millisecond.

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Your favourite yellow metal

Profit from Gold without actually owning them
  • Less volatile than Silver

  • Ideal hedge for financial market risks

  • Higher liquidity enables you to buy and sell quickly


Malleable, shiny metal

Profit from the second most traded precious metal
  • More affordable than Gold

  • Higher usage in industrial sector

  • Higher volatility enables you to trade and profit more quickly


One of world’s most valuable

Profit from the most traded commodity
  • High liquidity

  • Profit from both oversupply and rising oil demand

  • High volatility is popular among high risk traders

Why us?

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