Our number one concern.

Being put in a position to handle funds from a multitude of customers, we place safety as one of our top priorities.

Negative Balance Protection

A gold file with a lock on it to deliver the message that TriumphFX is licensed.

In rare events, extremely volatile markets might go against your positions, causing your trading equity to become negative. Negative Balance Protection ensures that it will never happen to you and TriumphFX will absorb the extra losses. We achieve this with our Margin Call and Stop Out policy. If your equity hits the threshold, Margin Call is activated and you won't be able to open new positions. If the market continues to go against you, all the positions will be stopped out to protect you from going negative.

What does it mean? It means you will never lose more than your investment capital if the market goes against you. We will always have your back.

Funds, secured.

All of our customer's funds are fully segregated from our assets and distributed across world's renowned Tier 1 Independent Banks. The banks that we have chosen to use hold investment grade ratings and meets a stringent set of criteria that are set by us.

We would periodically monitor, identify, evaluate and control every type of risk that would affect the safety of our customer's funds.

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