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Samuel Morton

Samuel Morton

Samuel has been an active Forex trader for several years. He uses a combination of price action and moving averages to analyse financial markets and is an avid promoter of technical analysis. Samuel has an active interest in fundamental analysis also. In recent years, Samuel has been hired to provide financial market analysis and training for retail traders across the globe. He is the owner of a unique trading fund based in London. Samuel lives in the UK.

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Andrew Olshanetskyi

Andrew Olshanetskyi

A practicing trader with 4 years of successful experience. Fund manager. Unique medium-term trading system based on volumes, deltas and cluster analysis; trend following. Prefer deals with, at least, 1:2 risk/profit ratio. Instruments: majors, metals, commodities, indices.

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Zhang Lei

Zhang Lei

张磊,公司量化投资总监,Trade Leader基金经理,曾担任过多家投资公司首席分析师兼操盘总监,拥有10年投资研究经验。专注于伦敦金,外汇的量化交易。拥有丰富的实盘投资交易和大资金管控经验。张磊擅长使用数量化工具进行投资策略的研发,由他带领的投资团队所开发的量化交易系统在往年的实盘中表现出风控体系完善,爆发力强,稳定性高的特点。交易系统自2010年使用以来,最大月盈利25.27%,最大连续盈利数9个月,年化收益率65%,最大回撤8.11%。

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STP Execution

When you execute an order it goes directly to one or more of our liquidity providers based on who provides the best price for the requested volume. You get the best price possible at all times from the market.

No Dealing Desk

We have no dealers sitting there deciding whether to execute your orders or not. “Market Execution” mode is used by default unless explicitly requested and granted otherwise. Hence you won't see any unfair requotes from us.


Hosted in top-notch data centers which is designed to be resilient to comply with the requirements of the financial industry.

Fractional Pip Pricing

We offer prices in piplets (tenths of a pip) which provides lower spreads for popular instruments. The digit representing a tenth of a pip appears to the right of the two large digits.

Investor Protection

Segregated clients funds separated from company operational accounts. Leading investment grade global banks.

Effective Deposit & Withdrawal

Funds management is a huge part of trading. We make every effort possible to process your deposits and withdrawals effectively.

Negative Balance Protection

Your live trading account balance is always protected from dipping into a negative status as we would absorb the loss if it does.

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TriumphFX Interactive Fund Management Program

A innovative solution for investors who lack of advanced knowledge in the financial industry

Fund Management Program — An innovative solution by TriumphFX which provides investors who lack of advanced knowledge an easy access to the financial powerhouse, Forex market.

Also provide professional traders with extended investment social network a tailor made channel and infrastrucutre to super fund trading, which means extended free margin from collective fund.

TriumphFX Community Trading Program

A brand new solution for investors who wish to follow the actions and decisions of professional traders in the financial industry.

A brand new solution by TriumphFX which provides easy access to the financial powerhouse, Forex market

Also provide professional traders with professional infrastrucutre to share their decisions in the market with the community,
and get rewarded in return.!

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We have created a library that you may find helpful for trading the currencies, precious metals, contract for differences (CFDs) and Indices!